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Improve: Patient Satisfaction Intake Workflows Revenues

Reduce: Admin Burden Staff Burnout Operational Costs

Streamline your administrative and financial workflow by digitizing, reducing or eliminating repetitive, manual tasks, while improving patient satisfaction.

Patient Satisfaction

Digital Front Office


Patient Satisfaction Intake Workflows Revenues


Admin Burden Staff Burnout Operational Costs

Streamline your administrative and financial workflow by digitizing, reducing or eliminating repetitive, manual tasks, while improving patient satisfaction.

Patient Satisfaction

Manual, admin tasks biggest headwind for primary care practices

Doctors spending more time on administration had lower career satisfaction, which also add staff stress and burnout, and patient dissatisfaction.


hours spent on scheduling appointments by Admin staff

1 /6

of physicians time spent on Administrative work 

30 %

of patients switch doctors due to long wait times

70 %

Patients like providers with mobile reminder capabilities

Digital front office tools help remove obstacles in care delivery

Advaa Health physician practice automation tools simplifies and automates, manual, non-value add tasks, freeing up capacity, reducing costs, stress and burnout, while improving patient experience..

Improve productivity and lower costs by optimizing ~70% of manual, repetitive admin tasks.

  • Automate medical office operations with digital medical history forms
  • Realtime electronic insurance eligibility verification
  • Online patient appointment scheduling with digital check-in
  • Instant online payment links, digital invoicing
Build, Grow and Manage Your Practice  

Improve work life balance for staff and physicians while improving patient care.

  • Reduce repetitive, manual admin tasks with digital workflows
  • Focus on urgent patient needs, improve relationships.
  • Improve job satisfaction and create happy team
  • Manage higher patient volumes without additional costs
Focus on Patient Care and Satisfaction

Empower patients to improve health outcomes with digital health profile and virtual care. 

  • Patient managed, web based, free online electronic appointment booking
  • Efficient, faster visits with integrated virtual care
  • Engage patients for better care adherence and follow-ups
  • Simple, digital tools, improve patient and staff interactions
Reduce Staff Burnout and Stress

Increase revenue, get paid faster, reduce payables, and lower billing costs. 

  • Physician credentialling and electronic payment enrollment
  • Payment portal with multiple payment options and invoicing
  • End to End billing for both electronic and manual claims processing
  • Claims review, denial management and direct deposits to bank
Lower Billing and Technology Expenses

Reduce No Shows with reminders, online waitlist & appointment scheduling.

  • Automated, programmable appointment reminders
  • Appointment check-in links via text and email for virtual visits
  • Automated wait list management to pair with open slots
  • Two-way communication via SMS to confirm appointments
Secure, Enterprise Grade, Cloud Software
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Key Features

Digital Patient Intake

Advaa Health offers fully electronic patient intake module to simplify new patient onboarding process with digital patient medical history forms, electronic payments, reducing time spent on manual process of entering patient data. 

Digital forms include customizable HIPAA, privacy and payment consent forms available via link. Once signed all the documents are saved in patient profile and are available for review for future reference.

Digital Patient Intake
Electronic Appointment Check-in

Electronic Appointment Check-in

Fully digital appointment check-in solution drastically reduces appointment wait time for patients, as well as admin time spent on every appointment by clinic front office staff, reducing stress and burnout.

Online check-in link sent to patients via email or text allows patients to follow simple click through process to complete all formalities of an appointment reducing appointment wait time for patients improving overall experience.

Electronic Appointment Check-in

Realtime Insurance Verification

Improve payment accuracy by verifying patient insurance eligibility before the appointment to ensure you are fully paid as well as save significant admin time spent on manually verifying insurance eligibility.  

Advaa Health electronic prior authorization service reduces insurance denials and approval time, getting patient the care they need much faster while reducing admin time spent on approvals.

Realtime Insurance Verification
Free Online Appointment Scheduling

Free Online Appointment Scheduling

Reduce No Shows, while improving patient satisfaction and health outcomes with fully digital appointment management module that offers patients flexibility to book, reschedule and confirm appointments through mobile, or web portals. 

Improve your utilization with customizable, automated patient reminders with two-way confirmation system, reducing time spent by front office staff on managing appointments on phone.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Wait Times

Reduce patient wait times in clinic and telemedicine with combination of electronic check-in module that allows patients to complete check-in formalities well in advance through their mobile or web portals. 

Virtual wait rooms and que management system shares real time wait time for patients reducing patients need to wait in clinic, this improves patients experience and care follow-ups.

Doctor office automation solutions, Automated appointment management
Digital Payments and Invoicing

Digital Payments and Invoicing

Advaa Health’s fully integrated digital payment system allows patients to pay before the visit via mobile link to ensure on-time payment and reduce payment follow-ups and related admin expenses. 

Patients get access to their open invoices at patient portal, as well as automated electronic reminders for past due balance. Offer patients flexibility to pay via payment link or on phone, improving revenues.

Digital Payments and Invoicing

AI Enabled Cloud Electronic Fax

Save administrative time and costs by eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and documenting paper faxes for lab order, referrals, health history.

Advaa Health AI Enabled electronic fax automatically identifies patient details, matches with patient database and can be added to patients charts with integration with your EHR.

AI Enabled Cloud Electronic Fax
Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) Integration

Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) Integration

Advaa Health offers electronic access to key US electronic health information exchanges (HIEs) that allows you to pull and push patient history digital, without having to manually enter new patient data. 

Improve your patients overall health by electronically pulling patient history and adding them to patient charts. This reduces the need to follow-up with previous physicians for patients history and manually adding to information.

Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) Integration

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