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Improve Clinical Decisions with Fully Digitized Health Records

Patient 360 digital health profile gives caregivers quick access to accurate patient information, to help make informed decisions and deliver better, faster care.

Clinical Decisions

US Healthcare Data remains untapped due to access, errors and quality issues

Large part of health data in EMRs, are locked in unsearchable format, so physicians are still not able to connect patients history in a comprehensive way to impact decisions.

Great Data Problem of US Healthcare!

80 %

of insightful patient data is in unstructured formats within EHRs.

$ 750 B

in avoidable treatments due to lack of accurate and actionable data.

66 %

of respondents cited data issues are due to data entry errors.

1.2 B

clinical documents produced each year, growing at 48% per year.

ADVAA HEALTH Patient 360 Solution!

Get access to updated, searchable and organized patient data

Advaa Health with access to Commonwell and Carequality, can pull, and organize patient data in simple, searchable format to help improve treatment decisions.

ADVAA HEALTH Patient 360 Solution

Digital, Organized, Searchable Patient Data

Advaa Health can help physician access patient historical data in key US health exchanges with bi- directional synchronization, keeping data updated and available for other care givers.

Accurate, Higher Quality Data

Patients and physicians can work together to keep the patient data accurate and updated by reviewing, updating and duplicate and incorrect data.

Exchange Data in Digital Format

Accurate, complete and fully digital patient data can be easily exchanged with other physicians, saving time and hassle of sending and receiving paper documents through fax or in pdf.

Personalized care with Wellness Coaching

Patient specific metabolic risk score using the vital data in patients charts to help track patients' overall health and a develop specific treatment plan with wellness coaches.

Key Features

Fully Digitized Patient 360 Health

Advaa Health has access to patient data in key US health exchanges and allows physicians to look for any new patient health data with a single click. Data once pulled, is parsed, and distributed in patient tables for physicians to review before making critical care decisions.  

Fully digitized and searchable health history, vital, allergies and other health data ensures that you and your patients can quickly and efficiently refer to all relevant and critical health data when and where you need it.

Fully Digitized Patient 360 Health
Patient Feedback Monitoring

Personalized care and medicine

Fully digital patient health data offers physicians and patients complete picture of individuals health and allows develop care plans that are more specific to patient’s unique context, considering social circumstances and family health history and other variables that impact outcome and adherence.  

Our built-in metabolic risk scoring algorithm generates patient specific metabolic risk score based on key vitals in the chart to further enhance physicians view of patient health, to better define long term health goals to help drive adherence by engaging patients’.

Patient Feedback Monitoring

Fully Digital Patient Profile

Digital patient profile includes fully digital and editable version of demographics, health history, vitals, allergies, past hospitalizations, medications that can be reviewed by both patients and physicians, improving the data quality, usability and impact in long term. 

Patients are prompted to update these records at check-in for every appointment to ensure that the patient demographics, social, family history and any specialists care data are updated and available to physicians and is also synced with health exchanges. 

Fully Digital Patient Profile
Wellness Coaching, Preventative care

Health and Wellness Counselling and Coaching

Advaa Health generates patient specific metabolic risk score using the vital data in patients charts to help track patients’ overall health and a develop specific treatment plan with wellness coaches. 

We partner with wellness coaches who may offer complementary 30 minutes sessions to high-risk patients to help understand the risks and develop a plan to improve metabolic and general health going forward in collaboration with your primary care doctor.

Wellness Coaching, Preventative care

Health Risk Alerts For Out of Range Vitals

Advaa Health Patient Profile tables are programmed to generate alerts if patients’ vitals are out of range. Physician can select the type of alerts they want to see to help focus on more sensitive and high-risk areas specific to patients.  

Both patients and physicians will get alerts that will help develop a corrective course of action to avoid further deterioration of patient health and including timely remediations for acute incidences.

Health Risk Alerts For Out of Range Vitals
Secure, Enterprise Grade, Cloud Software

Digital Copies of Signed Patient Records

Receive and save all patient consent in a digital format and access it conveniently as and when you need it. This helps you comply with HIPAA and other Regulatory and Legal requirements and produce documentation when needed for any audit.  

Save all other legal patient documents in electronic format in an accessible location which can be both accessed and updated by you and viewed by patients to help reduce need to document and store document in physical form.

Secure, Enterprise Grade, Cloud Software

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