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Revenue Cycle Management

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End to End, EHR integrated, low cost, billing service, including credentialing, claims, invoicing, direct bank deposits and more.

Patient Engagement

Lower reimbursements, regulatory changes, and billing costs remains a challenge for independent practices

Primary care practices continue to lose a significant share of their revenue due to billing errors, claim denials, outstanding payables, inefficient paper based claims processing, in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. 

$ 358 K

in average payables pending at a standard practice.

20 %

of revenue loss can be attributed to billing issues. 

69 %

clinics saw increase in denials in their practice in 2021.

Advaa Health offers complete, electronic billing solution to meet your needs

Advaa Health’s EHR integrated billing software improves recovery rate by improving quality by reducing data entry errors with electronic superbills and claim management process.

Expand your coverage with credentialing service and electronic claims enrollment.

Keep higher share of your revenue with lower cost of billing

Get accurate payments with batch and real time insurance verification

Lower receivables with digital payment, invoicing and reminder capabilities

Reduce data entry errors, and claim denials with EHR integration

Advaa Health offers complete, electronic billing solution to meet
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Key Features

Electronic, Realtime Insurance Eligibility Verification

Improve payment accuracy by verifying patient insurance eligibility before the appointment to ensure you are fully paid as well as save significant admin time spent on manually verifying insurance eligibility.  

Advaa Health electronic prior authorization service reduces insurance denials and approval time, getting patient the care they need much faster while reducing admin time spent on approvals.

Realtime Insurance Verification
Lower Billing and Technology Expenses

Digital Payment Processing

Advaa Health’s fully integrated digital payment system allows patients to pay before the visit via mobile link to ensure on-time payment and reduce payment follow-ups and related admin expenses. 

Patients get access to their open invoices at patient portal, as well as automated electronic reminders for past due balance. Offer patients flexibility to pay via payment link or on phone, improving revenues.

Lower Billing and Technology Expenses

In House Billing with Electronic and Paper based Claims Management

Advaa health offers complete In-House Billing Solution with fully integrated electronic end to end billing system, starting with electronic payments at the time of appointment, electronic insurance claims submission and payments to rebilling patients electronically. 

This helps lower overall cost of billing, improving profitability. Advaa Health process can also manage paper based claim submissions if required for unique patients.

Revenue Cycle Management
Multiple Clearinghouse Integration

Multiple Clearinghouse Integration

Advaa Health is integrated with multiple clearinghouse to process Insurance claims with ability to process both electronic and paper based claims. This allows us broad coverage of insurance service providers. 

Having more than one clearinghouse allows Advaa Health to use the most cost effective service to keep costs low and improve claim approvals.

Multiple Clearinghouse Integration

EHR Integration

Advaa Health offers EHR fully integrated with the billing and invoicing process reducing the need to multiple data entry and manual processing of claims. This helps reduce errors generated during manual copying and pasting information. 

EHR integration allows easy updates to clinical notes if needed to align with the codes assigned for reimbursement to optimize the revenue per encounter.

Voice AI Notes
Expert Billing Support

Expert Billing Support

Advaa Health offers dedicated experts to work in your account, who have broad billing industry experience and understand requirements for most insurance companies and can help you and staff understand the details required for claims. 

Your assigned expert will also help you identify issues that lead to rejections and suggest any process changes to make sure your front desk staff can efficiently submit claims.

Expert Billing Support

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