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Engage and Empower Patients for Better Health

Advaa Health Patient Portal offers fully digitized and searchable medical records online, digital payments, appointment scheduling, and more, to keep patients engaged.

Patients for Better Health

Lack of health data access disengages patients and impacts care

Large part of patients still does not have access to patient portal, their care plans, and health data, leading to disengagement and non-adherence to care plans.

~ 38 %

of individuals nationwide accessed a patient portal in 2020.

79 %

of individuals when encouraged by physicians, use patient profile.

83 %

of Patient portal users accessed their health information

Feature rich patient portal engages patients, and improves care

Fully digital, and searchable health history allows patients to keep date accurate. Make online payments, connect with clinic admin and physicians using secure chat or video app.

improves care

Advaa Health Patient Portal offers fully digitized and searchable health history, vital, allergies and other health data that patients can quickly review and update regularly to make sure the data in accurate and error free. Patient and physicians can then share the data with other caregivers to improve overall care coordination, leading to better health.

Patients can connect with clinic staff and physicians using secure chat or video app on patient portal regarding coming visits, payments, and any other questions 24 / 7 that they normally must call into the clinic during the office hours. This provides patients comfort of feeling connected with care givers when needed, improving trust and long term loyalty.

Advaa Health Symptom Checker offers patients access to secure and curated healthcare library to look up possible diagnosis for their symptoms. Patients can share the recommendation including their symptom with the physician, setup appointments, or Chat with the doctor as needed.

Advaa Health patient portal digitizes and automates time consuming administrative tasks, like appointment management, electronic check-in, digital payments, to reduce significant burden for the front office. This improves patient satisfaction as well as leads to reduction of administrative tasks.

ONC Cures Act Final Rule requires clinics to offer patients access to their clinical and medical history. Advaa Health Patient Portal is comprehensive and secure in design and may meet the requirements mandated by ONC and may help you in becoming compliant while improving your patient experience and health outcomes.
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Key Features

Digital, Searchable Health Records

We offer access to patient health data with bi-directional active synchronization with key US health exchanges. Data once pulled is organized in simple searchable portal that patients can review and update to improve accuracy and quality.

Digital, Searchable Health Records
Appointment History, Management

Appointment History, Management

Advaa Health Patient Portal allows patients to view their appointment history including all the details, like visit details, total and pending charges, lab or diagnostic orders, care plan, notes issued by the doctor. Patients can also manage appointments directly from patient portal. 

Appointment History, Management

Secure Web and Mobile Chat

Provide patients comfort of contacting doctors and clinic staff when needed from patient portal, while reducing your HIPAA violation risks. Chat app allows patients to securely share documents, pictures with doctors and staff.

 Patients can share offline messages that can be seen by the entire staff during after hours to help improve patient response. Integrated Video, Audio apps allows patients to join secure virtual calls from the patient portal.

Reduce Staff Burnout and Stress
Digital Payments, Charge History

Digital Payments, Charge History

Advaa Health’s fully integrated digital payment system allows patients to pay before the visit via mobile link to ensure on-time payment and reduce payment follow-ups and related admin expenses. 

Patients get access to their open invoices at patient portal, as well as automated electronic reminders for past due balance. Offer patients flexibility to pay via payment link or on phone, improving revenues.

Digital Payments, Charge History

Symptom Checker

Advaa Health Symptom Checker offers patients access to secure and curated healthcare library to look up possible diagnosis for their symptoms. Patients can share the output with the doctor, setup appointments, or Chat with the doctor as needed.

This may improve patient awareness of their health and improve adoption of the patient portal, which brings a slew of other benefits for both patients and physicians.

Symptom Checker
Patient Portal

Digital Vital and Activity Tracker

Advaa Health patient portal includes a vital and activity tracker that allows patients to track all their physical activity that can be linked with any of the smart devices to bring all their data in one place and patients can choose to provide doctors access to the data as well.

This activity and vital data can provide a unique view of the patients’ physical activity and help improve care decisions, improving long term health.

Patient Portal

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